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Seeing that Time Lord culture is going to be so based on time and motion in the context of time, I thought this up, mostly during astronomy class. Basically, I was thinking about how the universe turns within itself: The Earth circles the Sun, the Moon circles the Earth, the whole Solar System circles the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Milky Way circles with other galaxies, and the whole universe spreads outwards into space… And it kind of made me think. While the whole clock/clockwork/pocket watch sort of steampunky aesthetic works very well in context, I thought that the order we see in the universe and the constant motion of heavenly bodies around their manifold centers would probably also figure very strongly in Time Lord culture, which might also explain why they also are so fixated on order, and that would come across very strongly, even in their nursery rhymes–a sort of indoctrination, if you will, if we’re thinking about the darker side of Gallifrey. Also, a sphere is an incredibly beautiful and quintessential form, and spheres within spheres, don’t even get me started.

ANYWHEN! So basically, this is what I came up with. I hope you all enjoy it!

Turn, Turn, Turn

Turn, turn, turn away,

Each moves within its whirling wheel,

All the spheres come out to play,

All the perfect moments steal.

Order rules both time and space,

As within their worlds we roam,

Every atom has its place,

Every second has its home.

Wanderers that feel the turning,

Crossing on from sphere to sphere

Underneath each new sun’s burning

Wanderers that travel here.

Music, laughter, joy and pain,

Hope and love and shivering fear,

The years turn round the worlds again,

And everything moves in its sphere.

First the sun shines on the plains,

Sweet life within the nave of day,

And then the moon comes once again,

So turn, and turn, and turn, away.

Thanks for reading, and God Bless!