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The title of this #BlogBattle post is actually a play on words. It has a double meaning. See if you can figure it out! πŸ˜‰

β€œHey, Mara!” The ginger cat bounded in, slipping across the floor in an unintentional heap. β€œWhat do carob and peas have in common?”

β€œNo,” Mara groaned. β€œNot another crossword puzzle, Arrow!” She was his superior officer. This wasn’t supposed to happen to her. On the other hand, she could order him to knock it off with the crossword puzzles… but then he might get started on the Sudoku…

And then again, she didn’t want to abuse her authority over her fellow Time Agent.

β€œNo, Mara,” Arrow explained patiently. β€œIt’s a joke.” Mara wheeled her office chair around, cautious to keep from catching her tail in the rollers.

β€œOkay,” she sighed. β€œWhat’s the punch line?”

β€œThey’re both legumes!” Arrow announced. Mara rubbed her eyes with the back of a paw. There wasn’t enough coffee in the world to deal with her junior partner. And yes, coffee is a legume too, her unruly mind supplied.

And then there was Cally, who was obviously crushing on Arrow. Why the litterbox would she want to do that? Mara pulled her thoughts away and focused on her junior.

β€œRemind me to never eat either again,” she sighed and went back to her mountains of paperwork.