So I got tagged by WriteFury. And this was the one that popped out at me.

This piece features an appearance by Arden (aka Ethan Lise–there should be an umlaut in there somewhere, it’s German), the deuterotagonist of my latest novel idea, Immortal.

Arden growled angrily to himself as he walked the streets of P_______, scuffing the toes of his too-long, beaten Oxfords on the curbs as often as not as he went. People almost seemed to part out of his way, almost by magic, as he moved, but then, he wasn’t walking with his head down and hands in his pockets like everyone else. He was standing upright, his shoulders thrown back, his leather jacket actually zipped up all the way, despite the fact that the day was not that cold.

He should never have let the Dreamer see him as he effected his rescue, much less even given him a chance to speak to him on the street.

But then, he couldn’t just have let the Wraithkind kill his fellow warrior.

It had been a mistake to come as close as he had.

Arden let out an exasperated huff as he headed for the old emporium on Dayling Street. He pulled his cap down slightly as he passed one man, moving as quickly as he could.

All he wanted to do was find Sciel and get out of there. War was coming, and he could not be a part of it. He was an abomination. They didn’t want him.

But he was a part of the Dreamworld, and their war was his. He couldn’t just let the Unaware walk through the dark alone. The Wraithkind were growing too bold.

Maybe he’d run with them on one last quest.

And then he’d go back to being on his own again.

War was coming.

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Thanks for reading, and God Bless!