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I think I’ll post a new Music Writing Challenge next week on Tuesday… Everyone who wants to write one of these Challenge pieces, please post them by then. Or you can post them later, if you want. Also, if you have any music you’d like to suggest for the Challenge, please tell me! 🙂

At a nice, even one hundred and fifteen words, this one was a bit short. But I was just writing what I felt like and then realized, hey this sounds like Isaac, so I made it his thoughts.



Then leap forward with a vengeance. Find your way through the battle. Take your stand.

Some just try to keep their sanity.

Others embrace the madness.

And a few set their feet on the ground and defy the dark.

Isaac had been fighting for hours. It wasn’t just his freedom at stake. It was the fate of the world.

He had to find another way.

Abandoning his powers, he leaped forward, seeking the heart of the battle. He closed his eyes, focusing.


The cracks in the moment spread out from that center, like a spider’s web.

Isaac ran for the center, eyes still shut but aware of the war around him.

He struck.

For those of you who may not be familiar with my pan-whatsit-theon of characters, Isaac is the hero of The Flame Within, sort of a sequel to Bound to the Flame and set far in its future. By this time, magic is widely accepted across the world, but the practice of magic has become corrupted. Isaac is a student at a school of magic and has been for as long as he can remember, but with banned books and his apparent nonexistence in the school’s records, he has to face the possibility that nothing is quite as it seems.

Thanks for reading, and God Bless!