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It’s a little less than a week until Thanksgiving, and I know what I’m thankful for–the wonderfully creative community I’ve discovered here on WordPress.

I’ve met dozens or even hundreds of people and each of them has a story to tell–wonderfully unique, fantastic, original stories. Even more incredible, every last one of these people is a maverick. There is something marvelously refreshing about independent filmmaking, fiction, and music production. It doesn’t stick with rigid firmness to “what’s selling” right now. It makes its own market, and it caters to a specific group rather than trying to please everyone. This is my radicalย side: I’m a maverick in my tastes and I snootily turn my back on the media and entertainment establishments. Quite frequently, actually. When you’ve got all this amazing work, why even bother with the bland identical-plotted books that get published every year simply because they’re the trending genre?

To put it plainly, I love the beautifully organic way the Internet links people with their audiences and I’m not about to stop now!

Now I’m going to do what I can to give back to them. I’m not actually published myself yet, so I’m not actually taking part, but at least I’m going to get the word out about the Independent Christian Authors Black Friday Book Sale, hosted by Leah of Leah’s Bookshelf.

A bunch of us here on WordPress are a) still minors, b) broke college students (you are HERE,) or c) some other option who still can’t afford lots of stuff anyway. So this sale is great news for us, because we still need something to occupy our minds. (Good fiction is a basic human need–seriously, if you don’t believe me, go read psychology textbooks and I think you’ll find that I’m right.)

With all these authors participating, there is something for everyone in this book sale. Go check it out!

Visit Leah’s blog here.

Here’s the list of participating authors.

And the survey (which might not be closed yet) about the sale.

Be a rebel for a day. Let’s get out there and support these indie authors, people!