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I decided to break out the beads today, and this is what I ended up with… After all, boys are not the only ones who love science fiction and steampunk!


For these Doctor Who and steampunk inspired bracelets, I started with TARDIS blue beads Czech glass beads and added clockwork charms and a natural brass clock face.

Here’s a close-up so you can see what they look like a little bit better!


They’re made adjustable (all except the top one: I made that one to fit my wrist, for me to keep), with lobster claw clasps.

Sadly, I found the brass clock faces in the clearance aisle, so these three are probably the only ones which will incorporate the brass clock face. However, Hobby Lobby does have some alternatives, so if you think a lightly-varnished wood clock face would look nice, please tell me so! I’m planning on selling the lower two bracelets but have not yet decided on a price–it will probably be around $25. They’re not hard to make but the Czech glass beads and cogs wereΒ expensive!

They were really fun to make, and kudos to my sister, who suggested the gold Czech glass rocaille beads to match the blue ones. She comes up with some color matches which I would never have thought of, but which really really work.

In other news, my store will probably based out of Amazon Handmade, which is exciting because I’ll be able to reach so many people in a reasonably-secure way. (Don’t call me a prophet of doom, my dad works computer security and risk management.)

What do you think? Please tell me! I’m anxious for your feedback.