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My last sketchbook was dominated largely by Star Wars and Avengers. This one is mostly Doctor Who–that is, the pages that haven’t been donated to my 5-year-old sister’s art sessions. Whyyyy.

Anyway, here’s a few samples of what I’ve been working on:


Rose and the Doctor, visiting the Smithsonian–a WIP.

So, for a while there after updating to Windows 10, the printer software wouldn’t work. I had to reinstall it.


The Doctor, Martha and Rose in an all-human superhero AU I should really write now.

And THEN we change modems for internet because the old one wore out and the printer was stuck on the other modem.


The Eighth Doctor with Grace WIP.

So here I was, totally frustrated…


I tried to draw a comic. FAIL. (Anyway, if I ever succeed and finish this, it will be a what-if scenario: What if it was Eight and not Ten in “Fear Her”?)

because I was limited to my stupid webcam. Grrr.

Here, have a bunch of progress shots of the first installation of my “Doctor and Compawnions” series.IMG_2562IMG_2564IMG_2566IMG_2567

I should just scan it properly and then we’ll see how it looks.

Halbryn WIP grayscale

An unfinished drawing of Halbryn from Bound to the Flame. It’s finished now, but I haven’t scanned it yet. I may never go over this one in pen since I liked how it turned out in pencil.


horse wip grayscale

I tried to draw flags for the three kingdoms from Bound to the Flame. It didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped.

Melilana Wind-Wielder b&w

Melilana–also from Bound to the Flame. I love her dress in this one. Scratch that. I love every one of her outfits. (It’ll be murder to go over it in pen, though.)

only a killer would know that WIP grayscale

Here’s a progress shot from the (surprisingly dark) promo picture for “Doctor and Compawnions.”

only a killer would know that final color

And the completed version. Looking back at this, I think that this is really a perfect scene for the Tenth Doctor–Time Lord Victorious, anyone? Reversions to your “basic nature” are always terrifying.

Cat Master concept

And here we have the Master’s cat self! (Yes, his eyes are all black. Yes, that was deliberate. No, I’m not sure why I did that.)

the Master WIP grayscale

Cat Master on a throne. I need to draw Gomez’s Master as a cat. (I absolutely refuse to call her “Missy.” She’s the Master, guys, why not just call her that?! Unless “Missy” is an alias she used in an era where people simply wouldn’t call her the Master, in which case I guess it’s all right, but priorities.)

cat eight+moths+stars

Cat Eight, complete with moths. I think I’ll leave off the horrible, impossible to draw floofy hair. Also, Eight really <3<3 moths just as much as butterflies–you know he does! (Thinking I might just call this one “Second Star to the Right” because of the Peter Pan aesthetic that Eight has going on.)

Important questions, guys. Do the Time Lord cats have two hearts just like their humanoid counterparts? Here, have a handy poll because you’ll probably have forgotten this by the time you get to the comments.

And now for the one I’ve been waiting all post to do!


I’ve been working on this one for weeks, had it done for a while, and then forgot to ink it for a while longer. But it’s finally done!

Here’s the original scan, so you can see what it looks like:we're all puppets original

And now for the enhanced version, which I quite frankly love to death:we're all puppets contrast edit

Special thanks to my sister for the use of her India ink and dip pen. Special thanks to Age of Ultron for being so creepily awesome and to the Doctor Who expanded universe for the same.

Please, please, PLEASE tell me what you think in the comments! I am dying to get feedback (especially on the “We’re All Puppets” one.)

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me through all the Doctor Who stuff. Thanks for reading, and God Bless! (Happy New Year! Again! 😉 )