Thought all my fellow Doctor Who fans might like to see this. 😉

Doctor Who: New Millennium

Hello, companions!

I am very sorry about the relative silence from all of us on this end of the blog. I just had to finish my finals and now hopefully we can get down to the REAL work. If need be, the library on campus is still open so I can use their software for editing–cheers!

Bear in mind, I said “hopefully.” Being entirely realistic, it’s pretty safe to say that other unforeseen and untoward circumstances can and will occur.

To thank you for your patience, I bring these humble offerings…

it looks like the doctors are getting interviewed xDi should avoid starbucks in future

Poor Eight, he always has the worst luck 😉

Don’t forget to check back in in a little while and we’ll have some more content posted! And if not content, at least an update on how far we’re along.

So far, we’ve gotten the script for the first part of the first episode done and we’re ready to move…

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