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And here we are once more! Hello, everyone!

This month’s prompt is to tell about my favorite place to write.

Well, now that I’ve got everything in order, probably my bedroom. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I just moved from one of the intended bedrooms to an improvised room in the basement. One wall is made entirely out of carefully-arranged bookshelves, and the doorway is a tension rod with a curtain. My clothes hang on a series of kitchen storage racks (which, instead of the typical silver, are a dark brown bronzy color) and my desk is one of those really dark-wood affairs right up next to the window, which I can keep open whenever it’s warm as long as I like–it gets cold down here otherwise. ๐Ÿ˜‰

All in all, it looks like something out of the Eighth Doctor’s TARDIS, which is absolutely fantastic, it’s probably my favorite of all the TARDIS interiors. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nine and Ten’s TARDIS, with its organic look and the feel that it’s a real living ship and entirely alien, and I like Eleven’s later TARDIS interior too; it looks really really Gallifreyan! but I really like Eight’s TARDIS the best. Books everywhere! The ordered chaos, clutter, armchairs, and candles that make it feel really lived-in. It just feelsย right for the Eighth Doctor, who is always wondering if he’s losing his mind or something else, misplacing things, and has nearly eight hundred years of clutter that seriously needs tidying up. He’s so scattered, it’s somewhat sad, but it’s also reassuring–that sense that the Doctor can be so human.

Sorry about the rant. I might be–just a teeny bit–obsessed.

Anyway, here, have some pictures:

hello gorgeous

Concept art. It looks like a gentleman scientist’s mausoleum, doesn’t it? Something out of the eighteenth century. ๐Ÿ˜‰

eighth doctor tardis

This is the best view I could find of Eight’s TARDIS interior, showing the console very well, I think.

eighth doctor tardis 2

And here’s a little bit of a shot showing the bookshelves–not very well. Hey, he cleaned up! When did he clean up?!

Interestingly, I just discovered that Eight’s console looks a lot like Eleven’s, though the rest of the interior is totally different:

eleventh doctor tardis

Here’s Eleven in his second TARDIS interior. Geronimo!


ANYWAYS. I also like to write and draw outdoors, but only when I’m not being bothered by big bad bugs. The patio is great for this–up until recently, there was moss all over the place. Then my little sister got into it. -_- Ruined the whole thing.

My mind palace is, inside, even more like Eight’s TARDIS, if that’s even possible, except that the decor is not just bronze but also owls and dragons as well. I tend to just write any old place there, so long as Anakin’s not around to bother me, but my favorites are the vault, the cathedral room, the gardens and the brook. Sometimes I even envision a replica of Eight’s TARDIS gardens because why not and also it annoys him. (One time I didn’t get anything done because Eight and I were chasing each other with dandelions and fake cabbages the whole time. For someone almost a thousand years old, he takes things way too seriously.)

Oh, and by the way…

i regret nothing x8

Erin out.