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Hey, guys.

I’m in trouble right now. We were really busy at work yesterday night, I tried to prioritize, and long story short, the second customer to come up was a complainer and I could lose my job.

I try not to be rude and to help people. I try to smile. I feel like such a fake I’m worn paper thin. But I really need to not spend a month unemployed while I look for other employment opportunities. I really need to hold onto this job while I look for another one that’s a better fit.

As you can probably tell, I’m bouncing between stressed and depressed constantly. The last time I got a verbal reprimand, I spent two days trying to get out of the depression I found myself in. It was almost impossible to motivate myself to do anything and everything I worked on suffered as a result.

Please pray for me that I find the job that God wants for me at this point in my life, hopefully one where I will be happier and more capable of completing my duties with a smile.