Hello, everyone!

I’ve been thinking about Bound to the Flame a bit lately, and I realized that there’s another direction I could take it; I could take the concept of the story and then set it in modern times for an urban fantasy. It would tell the story of magical Protectorates, a system by which a skeptical public is defended from magical threats by a group of dedicated Wielders. Rowan would be the heir to one of the Protectorates, and, as in the original story, Margery would have stumbled into something she shouldn’t have by accident. Rowan’s brother would have been kidnapped by one of their enemies in an attempt to lure Rowan’s parents out, and Rowan and Margery would go on the quest to find and rescue him, as in the original.

What do you think? Please let me know in the poll and give me your reasons in the comments!