Welcome to the Upstairs Archives, which is generally a place where I just mess around and hide from my real life. No, don’t get me wrong, I am sometimes serious… but I’d prefer not to do it here, is all.

This blog has generally two types of pages; stories so that I can compare notes with fellow writers and demonstrate my points, and the kind that include theory. The ones dealing with my personal life are kind of in a category of their own.

I’m an obsessive-compulsive writer, two-time National Novel Writing Month camper, and that’s most of what I do in my time off. This will probably wind up being a place where I rave about the good books, pick apart and explain what went wrong with the bad ones, and if you, my readers, are lucky, I might just post a story or two! Of course, knowing me, I will probably also find a place to randomly throw in something about cooking or housekeeping. After all, that’s what tags are for, isn’t it???

On here, I go by erinkenobi2893. I’m also known as ErinKenobi2893 on lego.com, Wikia (which is where I connect to some of my lego.com friends), and the Nanowrimo and Camp Nano sites. That username has taken over my online life, though in reality, I have to wonder exactly how many people I know know me on line and more, know what my username is…

I have a whole bunch of insane stuff I’m a fan of. Some of it inspires more fanfiction than others. For instance, “Star Wars” is the big one, and I have a whole cast who never appear anywhere else. “Lord of the Rings” is another one of my obsessions. But I only have one story about a Christmas (Yule) celebration in the Shire, for that. And a bunch of poems. *sigh* After that is BBC’s “Merlin.” And I blame my best friend, whom I will call Iris here, for this one. True, I watched it back when “The Dragon’s Call” first came out, but she rediscovered it! Then I have a penchant for classics like “The Scarlet Pimpernel,” “A Tale of Two Cities,” and most of the works of Robert Louis Stevenson and George Alfred Henty. I probably have a bunch of other favorite stories, but never mind… Oh wait! The Redwall books, by Brian Jacques, and “The War of the Vendee.” Honestly, if you have not seen that movie, you have no idea what real film-making art is.

I have three siblings. We were all homeschooled (or are currently homeschooling) K-12. *Gasp!* We’re Roman Catholic, but if you don’t particularly like that idea, I’ll make sure to tag the posts that rage about people leaving during the middle of Mass or whatever else with something so that you’ll be forewarned. My siblings will go by Sprite (a teenager), Jewell (a just-barely-made-it teenager), and Raya (a preschoolder) on here. My best friend and fellow conspirator, who is also known by the aliases of Irisbloom5 (on both aforementioned Nano sites) and Daylee15, will probably be called simply Iris.

Anyway, enough about me. Let’s get out and write!


98 thoughts on “About”

  1. phillywriter24 said:

    hey just wanted to let you know to check out my Q&A video

  2. Hey! I found you on NaNo in that one post card thread, looked at your NaNo page, and was lead here! Girl, I think it’s about time we’ve met! I honestly don’t know many other Roman Catholic writers online that I don’t know in person, and I think it’d be cool to say I know one! So, hi! I’m glad I found you! Let’s be friends? πŸ™‚

  3. Coolio! Who’s your favorite Star Wars’ character?

    • Oh, Qui-Gon Jinn, Luke and Leia, Ahsoka Tano, (maybe) Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, and of course, Obi-Wan Kenobi. *points to username* I have a LOT of favorites… also, I actually do like the prequels. (I only watch the parts with Obi-Wan though. πŸ˜› Anakin… *sigh* too angsty for me. :-P) No, I do not have a crush on Obi-Wan, in reality. It’s just that he’s taken up permanent residence in my mind palace and goes grammar Nazi on me whilst I brainstorm. *facepalm* Go find someone else to pester and edit for, Obi-Wan!

      • Haha! And I didn’t even notice that in your username. My favorites were always Count D…(Not sure how to spell his name.) And Mace Windu. I like the prequels better, I think. And Han Solo–can’t believe you didn’t mention him!

      • Han Solo… I like it better when he’s blind. He’s funny that way. πŸ˜› But really Chewie is the best part of their friendship. And the way Han treats him… Poor Chewie. πŸ˜›
        Count Dooku is amazing. I love his mind games so much. If I ever met the Count I’d probably fangirl and hug him. X-P Mace Windu is… 0_0 incredible. It’s beyond fantastic just how great he is at what he does…

      • Yeah! Solo is a bit mean. *laughing* And he is funny when blind…

        Me too! And he shoots electricity from his fingers! Now how cool is that? I’d make him teach me the ways of the force, I think. And I’d want a crooked lightsaber.

        It is! He’s like the best fighter ever. I love how he takes down Palpatine. I was shocked when he died. Didn’t see that coming. All my favs died in episode III!

      • It’s so sad. But then, all the heroes but three die in RotS, and one of them turns evil. 😦
        It would be hilarious if I hugged Dooku… Some scary Sith Lord and he gets hugged by a crazy fangirl. πŸ˜›
        I’ve wanted a lightsaber for a long time, too… but I might go for a saberstaff. (Mainly because one of my favorite characters from a Redwall book uses a dual-blade weapon.) Though I’d probably be no good with a saberstaff… Whatever my lightsaber looked like, it would have a longer handle so I had more room to move my hands around on.

      • I know…it is disappointing. At least, Yoda survives, too.

        Haha! I’d love to see it. Who knows? He might train you!

        What’s a saberstaff?

      • Yeah… Yoda’s awesome. And funny, and really, really incongruous. X-D
        That would be pretty cool! πŸ˜› I’d probably get scolded for hugging my master too much though! X-P
        A saberstaff is what Maul had– it’s what I call a double-ended lightsaber. πŸ˜‰

      • Haha! He is incongruous. That’s a perfect descriptive word for him, I think.

        Yes, I fear the count could be grouchy at times!

        Now, that is cool. Maul was the man.

      • I doubt I could handle a saberstaff without years of training, though… πŸ˜› I’d have to start with a plain saber.
        Yeah… that’s the downside of training with Dooku. X-P

      • The professor could!

        Yeah. You’d have to work and get more powerful, then pop him off.

      • Ehhh, but I’m not a Sith, though. πŸ˜› If he was the only way I could receive training in the ways of the Force, though… OOOH! Crazy-awesome story idea! X-D
        Sorry, the plot bunnies are a bit thick around here… I should start handing them off to friends. ;-P

      • Oh, that’s fine. I’d rather be a Sith!

      • Ahhhh… what are your reasons for wishing to be a Sith, then? πŸ˜‰ I have another friend who is a Sith. Good man, that. πŸ˜‰

      • Well, they can shoot electricity. Can Jedi’s do that?

      • There’s a confirmed Light-Side version of that, but in my stories, at least, no, they can’t. ;-P They just have to use other forms of total knockout. X-P

      • That’s interesting. Who’s more powerful would you say: a Jedi or Sith?

      • Mmmm… I would say it depends on the individual. For instance, in his prime Obi-Wan could probably wipe the floor with someone like Plagieus (that’s just guesswork though), and might even be able to take on Sidious (I think Yoda was just overestimating their enemy, which also might be part of why he failed…) But Luke Skywalker would never be able to stand up to Count Dooku. But in the end… I think that the Jedi have a slight edge because they have teamwork on their side, and though the Sith have more devastating powers at their disposal and the advantage of millennia of planning, I think that if you had a group of Jedi who could work together well and could separate the Sith master from the apprentice, they could take down the apprentice and then all focus on the master. Of course, that possibly would never happen, since… well, it didn’t happen that way in RotS from what I understand (I have never seen the movie), and Sith are good at demoralizing and isolating their opponents. So… I think that, if the Jedi had been more aware, then the Sith and Jedi might have balanced each other out for centuries, and the only thing that would have swayed the balance would have been the Chosen One. (Which wasn’t the only thing swaying it as the movies played out.) It might make for an interesting plot if someone declared that the Chosen One himself (or herself, depending on whose story you’re reading) was the imbalance… Anyway…
        I really think that ultimately Sidious was his own downfall (notice, I’m not saying anything about other Sith. Just Sidious.) His teachings seem radical and self-destructive to me, and the whole Rule of Two seems rather limiting and precarious as well. But what do I know? I’m a Jedi. ;-P
        (wow, long post… :-P)

      • You know, it fascinates me. I’ve always wondered about such things and you do great explaining it. I always thought Windu could take out any one of the sith.

        Why didn’t you see the movie? And what else was swaying as the movies played out? This is fascinating!

      • Yes, I think Windu was the best fitted for fighting a Sith–Vapaad allows the user to sort of draw on Dark Side energies without falling–I think it’s almost like… what’s the word? A cleansing meditation.
        I haven’t seen it yet because… well, violent… (the first-person shooter game in “Wreck-it Ralph” was sort of disturbing to me…) and also I’m still living with my parents, so I go by what they say. πŸ˜‰
        Other things swaying… other than the balance between good and evil… well, Padme’s attitude for one. πŸ˜› Anakin for another. Obi-Wan’s temper for a third. (He is ginger, after all… :-P)

      • That’s cool. Windu is the man. It was violent, too! I was quite mad when Windu and the count died.

        That’s true. A lot going on. Obi-Wan is?

      • Yeah… I think it sucks that they killed off one of the coolest heroes and one of the most amazing villains in one fell stroke. Sidious is completely totally sociopathic and now insane as well.

      • And now he dances, too.

  4. icedmocha34 said:

    GASP! I used to use K12 until I switched to private school and then they wouldn’t let us back into the program….now I use Switched-On School House. Miss K12.

    • Yeah… That’s sad. I miss the days when I went to the nice private college where I spent my early-entry/dual enrollment days. I’m at the state college now, because we couldn’t afford the tuition at the other one. 😦

      • icedmocha34 said:

        Aw, that stinks. I miss my private school, but it was soooo expensive! We’re kinda poor…

      • Yeah… :-/ My dad makes enough money that I don’t qualify for any great amount of financial aid, but we have FOUR KIDS, credit card debt, and a mortgage, if I remember correctly. >:-/ And they automatically fault you for having a college fund.

      • icedmocha34 said:

        Wow. We have a lot of debt, so my grandparents are paying for my college. They have stipulations, though, like I have to go to community college for the first tow years (which means no dorms and I’m stuck at home until I’m 20) and I can’t get married at all during my college years. Ugh.

      • That seems a little strange… I don’t plan on living in the dorms at all. I doubt it would be affordable, even with financial aid.

  5. HI,

    I’m Tokoni, a student and poet. Its nice to meet you. I’d like to invite you to my blog at http://www.insanitybeautiful.wordpress.com if you’re interested. Thanks.

  6. Hey Erin, nominated you for the Liebster award!

  7. You’ve been nominated for the liebster award! Again! And quite possibly for the last time if you got those last two followers…

  8. Would you be interested in joining the virtual book tour I’m organizing for next weekend (March 7-8)? I’d love to have you. πŸ™‚

  9. Scotty said:

    I’m finally here, Auntie will do for me here. My SCA persona has a Facebook page, but that’s the only social media I do, and you already know me there. ❀

  10. lilyorphaned said:

    Ohmygosh you’re Catholic! Yay!!!!!

  11. Hey, Erin!
    I’m trying to organize a book tour for my short story book. Would you be interested in joining? πŸ™‚ I’m open on dates right now.

  12. Ahhhh!! A Redwal fan and a Roman Catholic!! πŸ™‚ Awesome sauce. Also, The Scarlet Pimpernel is an amazing book and it makes me love adventure and disguises more every time I re-read it.
    And hello, fellow July NaNo camper! πŸ˜›

    • Hello!!! πŸ˜€ *hugs* Nice to meet you! πŸ˜€
      I’m working on posting some examples of my creations for Camp. ;-D So everyone can see how horrible my drawings look when they’re WIPs. πŸ˜› Graphic novel-slash-illustrations that tell short stories. I am a Camp rebel and very very happy ^_^

  13. Hey Erin nice to find you via blog battle I’m battling this week too!

  14. https://writefury.wordpress.com/2015/09/16/3-tags-the-number-10/
    I tagged you again, for a tag of your choice. Have fun! πŸ™‚

  15. Goodness, half my comments on here are tagging you. But *sigh* here I am again. https://writefury.wordpress.com/2016/02/18/top-10-villains/
    It’s fun, I promise. πŸ˜›

    • Hey, I already did this! It was years ago, though… I should probably revisit it. πŸ˜›

      • Squink made it up this time. I used it as an excuse to use bowler hat guy gifs. πŸ˜›
        Yes, revisit it! πŸ˜‰

      • Bowler hat guy gifs. -_- Seriously.
        Wow. X-P
        Yeah, probably next one will have more Doctor Who πŸ˜›

      • Well, they were an afterthought. I spent about half an hour boiling at Simpson after writing it, though. Finding gifs calmed me down to an extent. πŸ˜›
        One would guess that more Doctor Who would be included. XD

      • Oh yeah… he was a pest.
        Oh dear… did I get you into watching it?! Sorry, I didn’t mean to. 0_0

      • But Captain Pellew’s line after shooting him.
        “An excellent shot, sir. If I may say so.”
        “You may.” XD
        Um… I was thinking about getting it from the library…

      • Just… be prepared for a lot of feels… and I wouldn’t recommend getting into the expanded universe. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea (wordplay intended.) For instance, there’s a time-travel cult who go around gleefully mucking up the timelines and causing paradoxes–sometimes big ones that the Time Lords grumble about and have to go off to fix. Sometimes I think that they really annoy the Doctor and sometimes I think he’d almost want to hang out with them if only to assuage boredom by constantly picking up after them. πŸ˜›

      • I’m not all that sure I’ll get the chance to watch it, but I shall keep that in mind if I do. πŸ˜›

      • πŸ˜›

      • Also, don’t watch the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie (which is the only television appearance of the Eighth Doctor) unless you really really REALLY want to watch Paul McGann being three million kinds of adorable. Watching that movie for the first time, I was impressed by what a variety of characters McGann can play (because Eight is hyper and Bush is not. X-P) The plot is practically nonexistent, the stakes don’t make sense, and some moments the storytelling makes me cringe, besides the effects being utterly ridiculous, but Eight’s TARDIS is completely gorgeous. It’s soooooooooo cool and steampunk!!! X-D On the other hand, the problem with the new TARDIS is that there’s not much consistency between rooms in the interior, so it doesn’t all look coherent, unfortunately. but it’s still gorgeous, nonetheless.
        Basically, the movie had poor effects, one lovely, lovely set (the rest were not so good), poor writing, and a campy villain (in a bad way.) The heroes of the movie (Chang Lee, Grace Holloway, and the Doctor) did their best with what they had but it’s still bad. Cheesy as all get-out. And you’ll get a general idea of the plot (except with better writing and hopefully a more coherent narrative) by reading our script anyway. πŸ˜›

      • There’s always those kinds of movies. πŸ˜‰
        Yeah, getting a better idea for the script was my main thing there. So, yeah. We’ll see.

      • Okay. πŸ˜‰

  16. willowbyrne said:

    I forgot you were on lego.com. :0 You might have seen me on there as Lucy_Fu. xD

    This is Spinjisumaster from NaNoWriMo btw. πŸ˜› Your blog is cool. ^-^

  17. Hello! I just stumbled across your blog and HAD to say hi after realizing your were a fellow super StarWars fangirl!! XD (btw, your conversation with Professor VJ Duke from way back 2014 was incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone reference Vapaad in an exchange like that! (wait, I wonder if Vapaad is even canon anymore…?))
    I hope I didn’t just come off creepy by admitting to reading through a conversation on here that’s 3 years old… 0_0

    Anyway, it’s great to find your blog! and if you ever feel like fangirling over SW and LOTR sometime, please check out my blog and podcast over at elvenpadawan.com! πŸ™‚

    • Hey, it’s just fine. πŸ™‚ I keep forgetting it’s not still 2014.
      And if it’s no longer canon, I’m ignoring it because I like the philosophy.

      • I feel like it’s probably still canon to some extent…though I’m kinda curious as to why Kanan Jarrus in Rebels never references anything about it. I would have thought that Depa (as Mace’s former Padawan and another one the very few people who could ever master vapaad) would have at least prepared him to begin learning it.
        Are you still currently watching Rebels?

      • No, it was an Expanded Universe thing and Disney just tossed all that out…
        No, I never started Rebels.

      • Oooh, ok.
        If you don’t mind me asking, why don’t you watch Rebels? I’ve loved it all the way up to now, and can’t wait for season 4 to start up!

      • I just haven’t been able to find a site to watch it on, since we don’t get Cartoon Network or whatever :-/

      • Oh yeah, I understand that. It airs on Disney X D, and we didn’t get that till recently. Most of my friends who are into the show can’t watch it when it airs either, they just rely on me to give them all the details and check out the recaps on the official site a couple days later, then get the DVDs when they’re released.

      • Oh yeah… I get that. We had a hard time watching the Clone Wars because we don’t get Cartoon Network.

      • So, I’ve gotta ask…. I noticed that you have Obi-Wan and Siri as one of the banners for your site; does this mean you don’t do Obi-Wan x Satine? (sorry for the totally random question, but your banner made me wonder.) πŸ˜€

      • Well, I do… sort of?
        The truth is that I really prefer Obi-Wan and Siri as best friends, and Obi-Wan and Satine’s romance really works best as a metaphor for the decaying Republic and within that context, which is why they don’t get to have a happy ending, or even a happy middle.
        If you want the full textual analysis, I can make a post ;-P

      • That sounds like it’d be an awesome post!! I’d definitely enjoy reading it!! πŸ˜‰

      • Personally, while I did enjoy Obi-Wan and Siri’s “best friends who always argue” dynamic in the (very small) handful of Jude Watson’s SW books that I read, I really prefer his and Satine’s relationship in the more romantic side of things. Besides the fact that I really liked Satine, and found her a very interesting character with a unique perspective from everyone else The Clone Wars revolved around.
        I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the rumors about that Obi-Wan-centered anthology movie that’s supposedly in the works right now…I’m personally really hoping it’ll happen, and take place pre-TPM and include that mission to Mandalore he and Qui-Gon went on where he first met Satine… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

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