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One of my favorite characters in the New Testament. She’s sassy and always speaks her mind. Enjoy!

Mary Magdalene
Maundy Thursday-Good Friday-Holy Saturday
When I heard He’d been arrested, I couldn’t believe it.
He healed thousands, healed me; done only good!
How could those bigots simply not see it?
Were their heads made out of hardwood?

They handed Him over to the Romans
Shouting for His death; oh, fickle nation!
Some of those there had themselves been saved,
They were asking for their own desolation.

“His blood be on us, and on our children.”
Dooming words, thank Heaven, not mine!
No wonder He spoke to them in parables;
His goodness was casting pearls before swine.

We followed those soldiers to Calvary,
Mary and John and I, alone;
No one else could find the courage,
Some had left Jerusalem, to roam.

We stood around the foot of that cruel Cross,
I knew then that it would haunt my dreams ever thereafter.
I stood and watched Him hanging there,
Stood there, and heard those devils’ laughter.

They could not even leave Him to die in peace!
But over the mocking laughter, He spoke.
“Father, forgive them; they know not what they do.”
To hear Him forgive them! My heart broke.

Those terrible long hours to hang on a Cross,
I always thought even Romans could not do such a thing.
But then, I had never realized
That even a broken heart can sing.

They took Him down from that terrible Cross,
Laid him in a tomb hard by.
People say that I’m never short of tears,
Yet I had no tears left to cry.

Three days, three long, fearful days,
Then in the garden, I saw Him again;
I had not known Him at first; I thought He was a gardener.
Then, He said my name.

And with that call, precious as the first,
My heart again awoke,
And now my voice once more I’ve set free,
For Him at last I spoke.

And now there shall be no more tears,
And fear no longer has a place in me,
For I’ve given my soul to His glorious cause,
And my reward is eternity.