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Well, since I’m stuck with everything else I was doing, I thought you all might like to see this. It started out as a drabble, and now it’s about 300 words… I tried to make it canon-compliant, but I may not have succeeded… anyway, enjoy, and please tell me what you think! 🙂

Transcription: June 30, 2012

TOP SECRET. These files are the property of S.H.I.E.L.D. Unauthorized users will be prosecuted.

*Scratches and white noise* (NOTE TO AGENT HILL: Recording equipment unreliable. Request replacement.)

(AGENT LONSLEY) Describe the crash.

(CAPT. ROGERS) All I remember is a lot of white being thrown up. Looking back on it, I’m surprised the plane didn’t shake itself to pieces…

(AGENT LONSLEY) No, I didn’t mean that… How did you feel? What did you think?

(CAPT. ROGERS) Oh. *rustling and creak* It was very quick. I don’t even really remember the impact at all. I wasn’t afraid, if that’s what you meant. After all, dying doesn’t hurt. *slow inhalation* I hadn’t thought about it.

(AGENT LONSLEY) Well, this is supposed to be a therapy session.

(CAPT. ROGERS) Therapy. Is that one of your new inventions? *Agent Lonsley laughing* Actually, I think I’ve thought more about why people make the choices they do. And maybe they’re influenced by what’s in their past, but they’re influenced more strongly by what’s inside them. For instance, I don’t think Johann Schmidt ever really understood why he was doing what he chose to do. He never knew who he was. Perhaps he thought he did, but he didn’t choose to be the person he could have been. He saw what he was doing as inevitable, as something… predestined. And I don’t claim to understand him, much less pardon him, but he… well, he never made that choice.

(AGENT LONSLEY) So you don’t… feel any hatred toward him?

(CAPT. ROGERS) No. Hate is too wasteful. It eats up time and energy that could be devoted to something more useful. Hate is for people who don’t understand what they’re fighting for.

(AGENT LONSLEY) What else? Is there anything you’d like to talk about? Anyone you miss in particular.

(CAPT. ROGERS) No. Not *clearing throat* Not in particular. It hasn’t all sunk in yet. It’ll probably hurt like the dickens later on. Right now, I’m fine, and I’ll worry about the bridges when I come to them.

(AGENT LONSLEY) Well, I guess we’ll wait for the bridges to come up, then. *squeaking and grating* It was great to talk to you, Captain.


The above has been recorded as an addition to the psychological section of the medical file of Captain Steven Rogers (code named ‘Captain America’). As such it is purely confidential. DO NOT COPY THIS MATERIAL. Violators will be prosecuted.

*****PROPERTY OF S.H.I.E.L.D.*****