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I’m sorry about the delay in posting the first part of Battlefield of the Soul. The clips and snatches I wrote it in have been uncommonly gnarly, and it’s becoming a character sketch for multiple of its enactors, so unfortunately it may take me a while to finish it. Apologies, once again.

However, on the bright side, now that National Novel Writing Month is over, I have taken up drawing once again. Still haven’t figured how to use that thingummybobbin (what a luscious word! I almost wish I was British at this rate. ;-P) that some Internet entities use to color their drawings on the computer, without struggling with colored pencils. So for now, I’m limited to line and shade, sadly… My drawing pad likes to smear, so when I do a sketch in pencil I have to either a) scan it in a hurry or b) ink the lines and erase the pencil. And that’s the same reason why I can’t color in these drawings by hand. (Sigh…)

And now, for you lovers of the Shifting Tides series, I have a special treat.

Obi-Wan's appearance in "The Hero's Dream" and sequels.

Obi-Wan’s appearance in “The Hero’s Dream” and sequels.

This is intended to be concept art, and I’m afraid… *cough* that in my opinion, it doesn’t look very much like Ewan McGregor at all… but it’s better than my former attempts. Sorry.

The tattoos are supposed to be blue, but since this was a bi-color sketch I wound up drawing them in black. The one that circles around under his left eye is the famed “Flame of Deriaka,” mark of the Royal House. The one on the forehead is a black orchid, meant to evoke the fleur-de-lis. It’s sort of the Sith version of it. (No apologies to any modern organization. The French monarchy copyrighted this first. Heehee.) And the one on the lower cheek is a bramble… rose among thorns… get it? ;-P

Anyway, so that’s my drawing of Obi-Wan as he appears in The Hero’s Dream. And my dad is kicking me off the computer to clean up.

Media: Pencil on sketch paper. I used my mechanical pencil with .5 mm leads. Believe it or not, art can be made from something mundane! 😉

Thanks for reading and/or browsing, and God Bless!