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The scanner on the printer is being a rotten beast. Bah.

Technically it’s Windows 8.1 that’s causing the problems, because it seems like I’ll need new software to get the scanner to work for me now that I have the new Windows (Windows 10 pending. Yay!) So mostly I’m stuck with photographing my artwork and dealing with camera distortion. GRRR.

Anyway, so I have some in-progress doodles of the Doctor and Compawnions series (title suggested by Shiekah) that I thought I might post for everyone’s approval!

While I know it’s not perfect–my style will develop over time, and I’m looking forward to the learning process–I’m pretty happy with it. Enjoy!


Mostly, I just start out with a rough sketch in pencil. (You probably can’t tell from this how many times I had to erase the Doctor’s face and draw it back in again. Ugh. And then I made Jack’s muzzle too long!) Sorry I don’t have the original pencil sketch before ink–I drew this when I was in between classes (first day of college, woo), and didn’t think to take pictures before I started inking.


I continue by following the pencil lines with my art pens. Brown for the Doctor, black for Jack, and gray art marker to define Jack’s white pilot’s scarf (because Jack needed a fashion accessory.) Then I erase the original pencil lines to make the sketch nice and sharp.


Once the main action of the picture is in, if I decide that I want one, I’ll doodle in a background. (I normally just draw it all at once and then ink it, but this might actually work better, since the background isn’t in the way of the foreground and I’m focusing on the figures rather than everything else, so it’s not too busy… of course, I need to keep surfaces in mind.)


And finally, I ink in the background as well, erase all the remaining pencil lines, and I’m done!

Wow, the Doctor looks ticked off…

Jack is probably going to get pawed in the face in a minute. ;-P

So there you have it, start to finish!

(This right here is the original inspiration for this drawing. I might, I might not. I definitely don’t ownΒ Doctor Who, any of the characters in that show, a Dalek, or the lovely kitteh who inspired it all.)

Thanks for reading/looking, and God Bless! ;-D