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Hello, all!

For a change from serious, here’s some humor for you. Really short– a lot shorter than most of my stuff– but still, I think it’s pretty funny. A reminder that Jedi have to deal with lumps in growing up, too. Enjoy!


                Qui-Gon Jinn settled into his easy chair and relaxed. At last, he could have the evening to himself, and he was tired. Then a peculiar sound shattered the silence.


Qui-Gon started and glared at his Padawan Learner. Obi-Wan blushed and looked embarrassed. Qui-Gon sighed and shook his head. “Obi-Wan, do you have the hiccups?” Obi-Wan shook his head.

“It’s—hic!—not my fault, I swear!” Qui-Gon sighed.

“I know it’s not. Have you tried holding your breath?”

“Not yet. Hic! I only just got the—hic!—hiccups!”

“Then hold your breath.” Silence. Sweet, blessed silence.

Ten Minutes Later



“Sorry, Master… hic!”

“Obi-Wan, if you hiccup one more time, I’ll turn to the Dark Side!”

“Oh no!” Obi-Wan gasped, then waited for the next hiccup.

It never came. Qui-Gon grinned.

“I really had you going there, didn’t I? Scared the hiccups clean out of you.”

“I was scared all right,” Obi-Wan admitted.

“Works every time,” Qui-Gon said, almost smugly.

The End